Eastern Taiwan – Day 3: Diving in Green Island

Diving in Green Island

Today, we are Diving in Green Island!

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Throwback  to 17 Feb17


We woke up early morning and went to redeem our breakfast. We were given NT100 each to redeem at a nearby breakfast shop and we got some crepes and fried fritters (油条), together with two cups of drinks.

After which we changed into our wetsuit and Jiao Lian had asked his fellow diving friend along so that we each had one pro-diver with us, which was good as we were only novices in diving and it had been about 7 months since our last dive in Bali. Diving in Green Island costs NT2000 per pax, inclusive of return transfers and all equipment.

A short drive of about 15 mins and we reached the dive site. It was a shore dive and the waves were splashy. I haven’t been diving a lot but each time I did, I always wondered why I wanna do this – walking into the sea or jumping off the boat always seems crazy to me. Jiao Lian and his friend were really seasoned divers and helped us walked into the sea and dived into the Pacific Ocean (or at least a part of it) and then I remembered why I walked into the ocean for.

Diving in Green Island

Diving in Green Island was really as good as what I had read. The visibility of the sea was really good and there were lots of fishes and marine lives.

Diving in Green Island

Then Jiao Lian took out some bread and gave them to us to feed the fishes and took a video of us swarmed by fishes. I didn’t quite like this feeding of fishes idea ’cause SAY NO TO DISTURBING THE ECOSYSTEM! We had one tank of oxygen and I think we dived for  about 40 to 50 mins, looking at all of these:

Diving in Green Island
We found Nemo, which is actually a very aggressive fish when it comes to protecting his family.
Diving in Green Island
Sea slug
Diving in Green Island
Moray Eel
Diving in Green Island
Black clown fish
Diving in Green Island
More of the black clownfishes
Diving in Green Island

Diving in Green Island

Diving in Green Island

The dive was kind of short but diving in Green Island is definitely the highlight of our trip!


We were then sent back to our Minsu and after cleaning up, we were ready to go for lunch and tour the island a bit more on our trusty scooter before our ferry back. IT RAINED. Thankfully, Feng Jie offered to drive us out for lunch and brought us to a local store that sells pork trotter rice and it was delicious! After sending us back, Jiao Lian and Feng Jie kindly offered to show us around the island. They brought us to all the tourist attractions and told us how to ‘imagine’ what the rock formations looked like and even places with the best view of the ocean where only the locals knew. They are such nice people!

Diving in Green Island
NT100 for the braised pork rice

Finally, they sent us to the ferry terminal and we were ready to take the choppy ferry back to Taitung. Feng Jie also helped us arranged for a taxi pick up from the ferry terminal to Tai Tung Train station where we took a train to Hua Lien. The train journey was about two hours and cost NT343. Before driving us to the train station, the driver also brought us to Chan Kee mochi, as per Feng Jie’s recommendation.

The mochis were handmade and so soft and full of fillings! Each one costs NT18 to NT25.

Diving in Green Island
photo via Xuite日誌- 隨意窩

HAN-dy: Get those fluffy mochis!


We stayed in Just Sleep Hualien Zhongzheng for two nights at S$120 per night.

We then booked a day tour to Taroko Gorge for the next day at S$40 and went to Hualien Tungtamen Night Market for our dinner!

diving in Green Island
Tungtamen Night Market

“The three main market lanes are Futing Market (Taiwanese food), Aboriginal Street (native Aboriginal food), and a street representing the foods from all provinces of mainland China. In the centre is a plaza with a lookout tower, restrooms, tourist information centre, and other attractions. An ecology pond and lookout tower is located at the back in the E區 section next to Nanbin Road.

The Hualien Ziqiang Night Market moved from its old location, and is now located at the western end of Aboriginal Street between the D區 and E區 sections.”  -image and information from guidetotaipei

There weren’t many people at the night market. Tourism seemed to have really taken a hit on Taiwan. I have to say that the food in the night market were typical of any night market in Taiwan. Nice, but nothing extraordinary.

There were lots of game stalls and we tried our luck. I don’t think we can make a living out of playing games

HAN-dy tip: Some game stalls actually lets you “win” a prize when you spent enough. So maybe ask if you really want a certain prize.


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