Eastern Taiwan Day 8 and 9: Taipei Fish Market

Taipei Fish Market

We were expecting to fly back to face the harsh realities of our working lives on day 8. Our flight was at 20:20 and we woke up early to visit Taipei 101 for some shopping therapy.

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Throwback to 22 and 23 Feb 17

Day 8

Hauls from Taipei 101

Ended up buying some facial products which I’ll probably not be able to finish them before the expiry date.

  • L`HERBOFLORE’s 10 pieces of mask and 2 tubes of aqua exfoliating gel (from NT$2500)
Taipei Fish Market
photo from HERBOFLORE’s

Taipei Fish Market

I’m really very easily hard-sold. Was just taking a look at the masks and the salesperson started taking out mini masks and placing them in my hand and talking non-stop. They seemed so sincere and the products seemed to work well! SO TAKE MY MONEY!

7 months since the purchase and I’ve only tried the exfoliating gel and it was not as awesome as how the salesperson was promoting back then but it has a nice smell and does the exfoliating job. Haven’t tried the mask but apparently, it’s quite popular in Singapore.

  • Berji’s 2 bottles of Totally Cleansing Gel (From NT$2000 each)
Taipei Fish Market
photo from Berji

It almost felt like deja vu when I realized that the salesperson was applying the gel to my hand to demo the cleansing power of the gel and I was sold again and money was leaving my wallet again!

7 months later, I am proud to say that I have tried using this and am quite impressed with its cleansing ability. It was supposed to double as a makeup remover which I thought it did its job well.

HAN-dy tip: DO NOT appear interested if you have no intention of buying and do not listen to the promotion the salesperson is trying to sell you as they always try to make you buy more by selling their products seemingly cheaper in bundles. Taiwanese salespeople are incredible hard-sellers but they are also very polite so don’t worry to say no to them. Also, remember to ask if they offer tax refunds for tourists.

The Flight Delay

After my unexpected shopping spree, Jetstar informed us that our flight was delayed to the next day! Jetstar also offered to reimburse our expenses:

  • Hotel room, up to TWD3500.00 per room
  • Dinner per person, up to TWD800.00
  • Breakfast per person, up to TWD300.00
  • Transport to/from airport to hotel including taxi if no bus or train service is available

So YAYS to an extra day of holidays! Instead of going to the airport, we went back to the hotel and booked the only room available, a family room, which was much bigger than our previous room.

Taipei Fish MarketTaipei Fish MarketTaipei Fish MarketTaipei Fish MarketTaipei Fish MarketTaipei Fish Market

Taipei Fish Market

After which, we went for our dinner at Addiction Aquatic Development, located at Taipei Fish Market.

Taipei Fish MarketTaipei Fish MarketTaipei Fish MarketTaipei Fish Market

We took a cab to the market and the place was really quiet at night. Even the driver doubted why we wanted to go there. Once you have reached, you will find more people in the building itself. There were a few restaurants and the one we went to was the sushi bar. We had to stand throughout the meal but it was absolutely worth it. We spent about NT$800 each on the fresh and sweet sashimi that almost melted in our mouths and the equally delicious sushi.

HAN-dy tip: Take a cab there! It is only about a 10 min drive from Taipei Main Station.

[googlemaps https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m14!1m8!1m3!1d14456.151686988198!2d121.5370139!3d25.0667038!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x0%3A0x66353fb1b041e11b!2zQWRkaWN0aW9uIEFxdWF0aWMgRGV2ZWxvcG1lbnQg5LiK5byV5rC055Si!5e0!3m2!1sen!2ssg!4v1505593706350&w=400&h=300]

Day 9

Today, we were secretly hoping that our flight would be delayed again. Alas, it was only when we reached the airport that we were told that the flight was delayed for 2 hours.

The Airport MRT, which took 11 years to complete and was having free rides to test out the system. We were lucky to be able to try it. The MRT took us from Taipei Main Station straight to Tao Yuan International Airport in 35 mins, with commuter stops in between. The MRT had designated areas to hold luggage but we didn’t get to get a seat as there were many locals taking the MRT that day. It was really convenient to transfer to and fro the airport on the MRT, compared to having to take the bus previously.

Taipei Fish Market
photo from guidetotaipei
Taipei Fish Market
photo from focustaiwan

-information from guidetotaipei

“Two types of train service are available for riders. Express service from Taipei Main Station to the airport takes 35 minutes, and commuter service stops at all stations. Express and commuter trains alternate with a 5 minute interval until midnight.

Passengers flying on participating airlines can utilise in-town check in and baggage services at Taipei Main Station, New Taipei Industrial Park Station, and High Speed Rail Taoyuan Station.

The ticket fare from Taipei to the airport is NT$160, and may be paid by cash at the ticket machine or booth, or by Easycard (悠遊卡) or iPass. Passengers riding between A12-A14a stations within the airport grounds are free if using an Easycard/iPass. Commuter passes are available for 30, 60, and 90 day durations.

The first express train leaving Taipei is at 6:00AM, and the last express train leaving Taipei is at 22:58.

The first express train leaving the airport to Taipei is at 6:12AM, and the last express train leaving the airport to Taipei is at 22:42.” 

With that, we returned back to Singapore.

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