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Taiwan Itinerary Day 6: Tamsui, Taipei

Breakfast was a mad rush today as we took too much awake time soaking in our hot spring bath. After which, we checked out and left our luggage at the hotel. For day 6 of our Taiwan itinerary. we embarked on our cherry blossom hunt 2.0 in Tamsui.

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16 Sep 17

Taiwan Itinerary Day 6: Tamsui, Taipei

We walked around the area, hoping to visit the thermal valley. I have tried visiting this place twice and both times, on the day I visit, the valley is closed. Why would today be different? THE VALLEY IS CLOSED AGAIN. What are the odds? So we just walked around, bought an onsen egg each and took a cab to Tamsui.

small waterfall


Search for Cherry Blossoms in Tamsui

Last year, we went to Taiwan in March, hoping to see the cherry blossoms, and it didn’t really work out. This year, we thought we would try our luck again, so after researching, we decided that we would go to Tian-Yuan Gong (天元宮) in Tamsui to check out if the cherry has blossomed.


photo from Tripzilla




Well, the temple itself was very pretty but cherry blossoms would have been even more perfecto, considering we took a cab all the way from XinBeiTou to Tamsui.


HAN-dy tip: If you walk down the temple, there are several stalls selling street food (near the 7-11). Try them! There’s this Cong You Bing (prata with egg) that is really nice!

Tamsui Old Street

We then took a cab to Tamsui Old Street for the usual food shopping and we chanced upon long queues at two stores right opposite to each other. Being true born Singaporeans, we, of course, joined in the queue, before googling what were we queuing for.




Oh boy, weren’t we glad we joined in the queue? The cakes were so soft and flavourful. We bought 2, one cheese (NT$100) and one original (NT$80). Fell in love twice.

HAN-dy tip: Join the queue in Tamsui or come visit Singapore (and buy it at 3 or 4 times the price), where it has become the latest craze in our little country.

Happily, we went around with our new found loves and bought more street food to savor, before spending almost 2 hours at the arcade playing the basketball game. After which, we went back to collect our luggage and to take the metro to Taipei Main Station where we stayed in Relax III hotel for 2 nights (then unexpectedly became 3 nights).


Relax III hotel

The classic double room was really small (20 m²) and cost about S$100 per night, including breakfast. The breakfast was just a set meal (quite nice though) at Relax V hotel located across the street. The location was very good, about 5 mins walk to Taipei Main station, with lots of shops nearby. It was even within walking distance (about 15 mins) to Ximending.




Love the toilet seat bidet.

Walked to Ximending for dinner and that’s it for day 6 of our Taiwan itinerary!

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Tamsui, Taipei

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