Welcome, fellow Wanderlusters visiting this travel blog from Singapore!

  • Why the name iwastheretheotherday.com?

My name is Hannah, and I would like to call myself the Travel HANter, pun totally intended. More importantly, my dream is to travel around the world, probably not in 80 days but hopefully one of these days so I can write down how I was there the other day on this travel blog from Singapore.

  • Where is Singapore?

A small country in Asia, Singapore is a sunny (read HOT) island, that has lots of good food. We also try to fit this island with plenty of tourist attractions that can at least fill up a 3D2N itinerary. Come to visit us one day!

Singapore is also my home and I always look forward to returning after my wanderlust.

  • What I’m doing back home?

Mainly working and blogging. Working life has always been exhausting but it brings in the money to do one of my favorite things – TRAVELING! Along with the traveling itself, the process of planning and researching on the trip is like icing on the cake, makes me feel like I’m already there!

  • Who is this blog for?

People who love to travel and are always looking for their next travel destination! Have always enjoyed sharing my travel details with my family and friends, along with helping out with their travel plans. So I am writing this travel blog from Singapore to share my travelogues, reviews and some travel tips to anyone who might be interested in knowing where iwastheotherday ^^




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Travel blog from singapore





Travel blog from singapore





Travel blog from singapore