• Cancel A Trip
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    What To Do When You Have To Cancel A Trip

    An upcoming trip has always been the best motivation for the mundane work life. However, should you have to cancel a trip due to some unforeseen circumstances, besides feeling disappointed, what are the other things that you should also be doing?   Travel HANter 30 Jun 18 Have to cancel a trip? Last year-end, we had to cancel a trip to Bangkok and Khao Yai. It’s really sad to cancel a trip but what would have been worse would be having to forfeit the cost of the whole trip. So here are some tips as to salvage most or some of the costs. 1. Get into contact with the accommodation…

  • Ways to Save on Trips
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    Ways to save on trips

    Almost everyone loves to travel but unless you are the super rich and famous, most of the ordinary folks like us are on a budget every time we want to get that new stamp on our passport. Even though lots of travel quotes tell us that travelling experiences are things money can’t buy, travelling definitely requires money.  So read on to find ways to save on trips! Travel HANter 23 Aug 2017 Ways to save on trips Credit card Choose the right credit card for payment With everything going cashless, one of the ways to save on trips is to always choose the right credit card that gives you the…

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