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    5 Reasons why you should visit London during winter

    London is a metropolis that receives about 40 million visitors from all over the world yearly. The number of tourists usually peaks during summer and dwindles during winter. So why should you be different from the majority and visit London during winter?   Travel HANter 25 Nov 17 5 Reasons to visit London during winter 1. Less crowded in London during winter London has a population of about 8.8 million and imagine the number of people in the 1572 km² city after factoring in the tourists during the peak season. Visiting London during winter would mean that there are lesser people in tourist attractions like the museums, Stonehenge and even the…

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    Top 5 Things to do in Batam

    Singapore is a great country but an incredibly small place to explore if you are gonna spend your entire life here. So Singaporeans do what they do best – TRAVEL! Since a typical Singaporean has only 14 days of annual leave, *SOBS* we utilize our time by going on weekend trips to our neighboring countries. Batam is a great place to spend our precious weekend and here are the top 5 things to do in Batam.   Travel HANter 08 Nov 17 Things to do in Batam 1. Shopping in Batam As of today, 1 SGD =9,903.88IDR, making everyone a millionaire in Batam! A visit to the supermarket shows that everything…

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    Taiwan Itinerary Day 8 and 9: Taipei Fish Market

    Coming towards the end of our 8 days Taiwan Itinerary, we were all ready to go back home. Until an unexpected flight delay extended our stay for another day. In return, we got to get our dinner at Taipei Fish Market, a marketplace selling the freshest seafood and sashimi. Travel HANter 16 Sep 17 Taiwan Itinerary Day 8 and 9: Taipei Fish Market Today, we were all expecting to fly back to face the harsh realities of our working lives. Our flight was scheduled at 20:20 pm and we woke up early to visit Taipei 101 for some shopping therapy. Taiwan Itinerary: Day 8 Ended up buying some facial products which…