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    Taiwan Itinerary Day 8 and 9: Taipei Fish Market

    Coming towards the end of our 8 days Taiwan Itinerary, we were all ready to go back home. Until an unexpected flight delay extended our stay for another day. In return, we got to get our dinner at Taipei Fish Market, a marketplace selling the freshest seafood and sashimi. Travel HANter 16 Sep 17 Taiwan Itinerary Day 8 and 9: Taipei Fish Market Today, we were all expecting to fly back to face the harsh realities of our working lives. Our flight was scheduled at 20:20 pm and we woke up early to visit Taipei 101 for some shopping therapy. Taiwan Itinerary: Day 8 Ended up buying some facial products which…

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    Taiwan Itinerary Day 1: Taitung City

    This year, in February, Jetstar was having a sale and tickets to Taipei was only $89 before adding the cost of baggage allowance. Since nobody ever gets tired of Taiwan, we knew we had to book those tickets! This time, we decided that we will be exploring Taitung, the eastern part of Taiwan.   The Travel HANter 07 Sep 17 Taiwan Itinerary Day 1: Taitung City How to travel to Taitung City For day 1 of our Taiwan itinerary, we will be travelling to Taitung. We reached Tao Yuan International airport at about 06:00 and took bus 1819 which took about 55 mins to reach Taipei Main station. The tickets…