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    How to pack and dress for winter trips?

    Singapore is hot, summer all year round kind of hot. To experience a snowy winter, we have to travel and I think it’s safe to say that most of us get really excited when we see snow for the first time. No doubt, winter is beautiful. We don’t sweat, we get to dress up in clothes that we never get to wear back home in Singapore. However, winter is harsh, winter is dry. Exactly how should we pack and dress for winter so that we can sustain our excitement, without falling sick?   Travel HANter 17 Dec 2017 How to pack and dress for winter? As a general rule of thumb,…

  • London itinerary
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    6 Days London Itinerary

    London, the land where Queen Elizabeth II, who reigned for 64 years lives. It is also the place where about 30 million tourists visit each year. There are loads of things to do in London, catered to people of all ages. Check out our 6 days London itinerary.   Travel HANter 10 Dec 17 6 days London itinerary London itinerary: Day 1 London is a great place to satisfy all shopping needs. So, shopping is a must in our London itinerary! Spend a day in Leicester Square Get amazed by the M&M’s and Lego store, where you can get your hands on all the M&M’s and Lego in the world. Be a…

  • london during winter
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    5 Reasons why you should visit London during winter

    London is a metropolis that receives about 40 million visitors from all over the world yearly. The number of tourists usually peaks during summer and dwindles during winter. So why should you be different from the majority and visit London during winter?   Travel HANter 25 Nov 17 5 Reasons to visit London during winter 1. Less crowded in London during winter London has a population of about 8.8 million and imagine the number of people in the 1572 km² city after factoring in the tourists during the peak season. Visiting London during winter would mean that there are lesser people in tourist attractions like the museums, Stonehenge and even the…

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    Pre-trip planning for Norway and Finland

    Went to Iceland Jan 2017, hoping to catch the Northern Lights but nope, not today or any other days of your trip, said Mother Nature. Being persistent (and depressed after seeing seemingly everyone else see the Northern Lights), a planning for Norway and Finland began. By Travel HANter Throwback to 31 Mar 17 Air tickets Norway and Finland were the top two choices for Northern Light Hunt 2.0 and cheap tickets were tempting me throughout the year, starting with a flight to Stockholm by SQ at S$870 to flight to Oslo by Finnair at $799 but eventually, I booked the flight to Helsinki via Finnair at S$600. HAN-dy tip: Finnair…