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Top 5 things to do in Dubai

Despite my rants about our flight delay while transiting in Dubai, we spent three days in Dubai and enjoyed most parts of it. Here are the top 5 things to do in Dubai!


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03 Oct 2017

Top 5 things to do in Dubai

  • Tour the city and shopping malls

Spend your day in one of the many mega malls which are filled with international brands like American Apparel, Gap, Forever 21 and most of the luxurious brands you can think of. Prices are not exactly cheaper than Singapore but go visit to look at how huge and extravagant the malls are. Tour the city to admire the architecture of all the iconic buildings and snap lots of photos!

things to do in Dubai
City Centre Deira

Visit the Dubai Mall to shop the 1200 retail outlets and be ready to shop till you drop! Or just take a photo with the giant aquarium in the middle of the mall.

things to do in Dubai
Dubai Mall
things to do in Dubai
Burj Al Arab
things to do in Dubai
Burj Khalifa – the tallest tower in the world

HAN-dy tip: Take note of the Friday prayer times in Dubai as most shops and tours begin later on Fridays. Hence, plan your day accordingly.

  • Spend your day at the Atlantis

things to do in Dubai
image via

We didn’t manage to visit the Atlantis due to time constraints but if I were to ever return to Dubai, I would definitely visit the Atlantis and its water park!

things to do in Dubai
image via

This has to be number 1 on the things to do in Dubai. How many places actually allow you to slide down a transparent tube surrounded by sharks?

things to do in Dubai
image via attraction tickets
things to do in Dubai
image via

The tickets, if bought online, cost AED 260 (Above 1.2 m), AED 260 (Below 1.2 m) and free for 0 – 2 years of age.

  • Skydive over the Palm Jumeirah

After watching Running man skydive in Dubai, I really wanted to try skydiving in Dubai but it was way too expensive. AED1999, which is about S$740 and almost twice of the price of the skydive I did in Sydney. So nope, I didn’t do it but look at that gorgeous view. The next time I visit, it’s going to be one of my things to do in Dubai.

things to do in Dubai
image via AC pearl holiday

Seeing the pictures are enough to get adrenaline rushing! If you are adventurous and have AED1999 to spare, definitely try skydiving in Dubai!

  • Visit the Souks

There are many Souks in Dubai, which are Arab marketplaces, selling gold, textile, spices, perfume and lots of souvenirs.

HAN-dy tip: Don’t forget to haggle when buying things in the Souks, the prices are usually marked up.

things to do in Dubai
Abra ride, the traditional mode of transportation

Take Abra ride to visit the souks and the Gold Souk is definitely a must “gold” (pun intended)! The whole souk is filled with shops selling any kind of gold accessories you can imagine. Look at the amount of gold!

things to do in Dubai
Guinness world records – the world heaviest gold ring (Star of Taiba) 58KG

HAN-dy tip: The gold is actually cheaper than Singapore (at least at the point of time we were there). Also, they have really nice and exquisite designs which you can get for your wedding (ๅ››็‚น้‡‘) or if you are feeling rich.

  • Join a desert safari tour

The tour typically begins with the bashing of dunes in the 4×4 Land Cruiser, followed by sand surfing and lots of photos of the vast desert.

After which, visit a camp for dinner while enjoying Tanoura and Belly dance performances. There are other things to do like taking photos with a falcon on your hand, riding a camel, henna painting and also dressing up as a local.

HAN-dy tips: Dubai is really strict with the hand luggage allowances. They actually have weighing scales to weigh suspiciously overweight luggage before you enter the transit area, so make sure you check in most of your stuff.

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