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Top 5 Things to do in Batam

Singapore is a great country but an incredibly small place to explore if you are gonna spend your entire life here. So Singaporeans do what they do best – TRAVEL! Since a typical Singaporean has only 14 days of annual leave, *SOBS* we utilize our time by going on weekend trips to our neighboring countries. Batam is a great place to spend our precious weekend and here are the top 5 things to do in Batam.


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08 Nov 17

Things to do in Batam

1. Shopping in Batam

As of today, 1 SGD =9,903.88IDR, making everyone a millionaire in Batam! A visit to the supermarket shows that everything is much cheaper than in Singapore by at least 20%. Of all the things to do in Batam, shopping at the supermarket is my number 1 favourite thing to do.

things to do in batam
Hypermart in Nagoya hill shopping mall

A few must buy in Batam:

  • Travel sized shampoo and conditioner
  • Quaker Oats
  • Sanitary pads
  • Toothpaste
  • Facial products
  • Deodorant

HAN-dy tip: Most of the products in the supermarket are made in Indonesia and hence the cheaper price, so take note if you are conscious of where your item is made in.

2. Massage in Batam

Lots of Singaporeans go to Batam for the massage which cost about half the price and includes ad hoc services like free transport to and fro your hotel. Some even offer free food and drinks after your massage. Majesty Spa and Massage is a popular place and a typical massage begins with free pickup service from your hotel, followed by your choice of massage and ends with some food and drinks provided by the massage place. We did a 2 hr massage and cost us IDR 480 000.

things to do in batam
Massage with free food and transfers

HAN-dy tip: Free return transfer is only available for hotels near Batam city. We stayed in Montigo Resort, which was 40 min away and had to pay IDR 200 000 for return transfer with the option of going for dinner after the massage and then back to our hotel.

3. Sea sports in Batam

Most resorts near the sea offer sea sports and activities like cable skiing, waterboarding, jet skiing and for the non-thrill seekers, there are also easier rides like the banana boat or pedal boat. There are also day trips to Abang Island, Petong Island or Hantu Island for diving or snorkeling enthusiasts.

I haven’t gotten the chance to do any sea sports but it’s definitely going onto the top of my things to do in Batam.

things to do in batam
Image via

HAN-dy tip: The diving and snorkeling spots are far away from the city center and it is advisable to go with a tour that provides the transfer. A day trip starts from IDR 730 000 per pax, for a minimum of 2 pax and becomes cheaper with more people.

4. Golfing in Batam

There are many golf courses in Batam that provide affordable golfing packages that starts from IDR 1 200 000 – includes 1 x 18 hole green fees, sharing buggy and caddy fees, ferry tickets and return transfers from the hotel.

things to do in batam
image via

5. Cafe hopping in Batam

Cafe hopping is a term that emerged with the advancement of mobile photography and social media, resulting in an explosion of new cafes all around the world. Batam also has several good cafes for cafe hoppers that don’t burn a big hole in their pocket. To name a few, Anchor Cafe and Roastery; Pod+Leaf Cafe and Caffein Cafe are very popular with the locals and tourists.

things to do in batam
image via

With so many things to do in Batam at such affordable prices, it is no wonder why Batam is filled with tourists. Hence, the next time you run out of ideas to do in our little red dot, start packing for a short getaway in Batam!

How to get there

things to do in batam
Batamfast ferry
  • Between 40 mins to 1-hour ferry from Tanah Merah or Harbourfront ferry terminal
  • Ferry tickets priced from SGD$45 and up

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