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Majesty Spa and Massage, Batam, Indonesia. [Review]

Ranking #1 must do in Nagoya on TripAdvisor, Majesty Spa and Massage in Batam is a hot favourite massage place of many Singaporeans. Does it really live up to its hype though?


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19 Nov 17

Majesty Spa and Massage

  • The Transfer to Majesty Spa and Massage 

Majesty Spa and Massage offers free return transfer from your hotel to the massage place and you can even request them to drive you to a dinner place of your choice before sending you back to your hotel.

We stayed in Montigo Resorts which was a 40 min drive away from the city so we had to pay IDR 200 000 for the return transfer. The driver that picked us up was a man of few words. However, he drove us safely and quickly, to and fro.

Majesty Spa and Massage
Our 7 seater SUV transfer
  • The Place

The massage place was a four-storey tall building, right opposite Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall.

Majesty Spa and Massage
Entrance to majesty spa and massage

The reception area on the first floor was filled with people (yes, Singaporeans).

Majesty Spa and Massage
Reception area on the first floor filled with people

The place was generally clean and tidy.

Majesty Spa and Massage
The washroom

Our massage room was on the fourth floor and there were three beds in the room and a washroom for us to change. The decorations in the room were simple.

Majesty Spa and Massage
The massage room for 3 pax

  • The Price

We took the 2 hr massage package at IDR 480 000 each and after adding the transport fee (IDR 200 000), we paid SGD56 each. They accept Singapore dollars at a rate better than the money exchange in the shopping mall.

Majesty Spa and Massage
The pricelist page 1
Majesty Spa and Massage
The pricelist page 2

The Massage

I chose the Bali Thai Combination Massage and my masseuse started the massage really gently and I had to request that she used more strength. Compared to the massages in Malaysia and Thailand, the strength was more on the mild to the soft side. After she finished the Bali styled massage, she seemed to have found her rhythm and the Thai style massage was much better. The cracking sound from my tense skeleton was therapeutic and I felt much more relaxed after the massage.

The two other masseuses for my travel companions had mixed reviews. One of them did a really good job but the other one didn’t exert enough strength, even after being asked to.

HAN-dy tip: The Thai styled massage involved quite a bit of bending of your body so I wouldn’t recommend if you have a really tense body. Remember to ask the masseuse to adjust their strength accordingly.

  • The Service

We used WhatsApp to make our booking. They were quite slow to reply but were friendly and helpful during our conversation. They also called to confirm the massage session a day before.

Booked our massage session at 18:30 pm as it was the only slot available on Saturday. We arrived at 16:45 pm to choose and pay for our package so that we could go shopping before our massage. The receptionist who helped us with our registration provided customer service that wasn’t spectacular but sufficient.

Returned at 18:25 pm and waited till 18:50 pm as the staffs were having their dinner. Not exactly good time management. The boss of the massage place then offered us a complimentary 10 mins extra time, which we spent on changing. The friendly boss even sent us out when we were leaving.

The masseuses couldn’t speak fluent English but did try to ask if they were doing okay, maybe twice, during our 2 hr massage.

HAN-dy tip: Booked your massage early, especially on Saturdays as they get really busy.

  • After the Massage

After the massage, we could help ourselves to the snacks and drinks which was a nice touch ’cause we were starving when the massage ended at 21:00 pm. Tried the herbal jelly and onion crisps before we left as we still had a gigantic pizza in our hotel.

Majesty Spa and Massage
Very hot and spicy ginger tea
Majesty Spa and Massage
Herbal pudding and jelly
Majesty Spa and Massage
Snacks and food after your massage

HAN-dy tip: Try the onion crisps! The ginger tea is very spicy.

  • The Conclusion

Like most massage places, the massage is more of a hit or miss thing, depending on the masseuse rather than the massage place. Unless you frequent the place often and have a designated masseuse that can provide consistently good massage, it usually depends on your luck. For the price we paid and the ad hoc services they provided, I will probably return. However, considering the whole stretch along Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall is filled with massage parlours, I’m sure there would be better options if you do your research.

How to get there

Whatsapp Majesty Massage and Spa for return transfer.

It is conveniently located opposite Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall in Batam city.

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