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What To Do When You Have To Cancel A Trip

An upcoming trip has always been the best motivation for the mundane work life. However, should you have to cancel a trip due to some unforeseen circumstances, besides feeling disappointed, what are the other things that you should also be doing?


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30 Jun 18

Have to cancel a trip?

Last year-end, we had to cancel a trip to Bangkok and Khao Yai. It’s really sad to cancel a trip but what would have been worse would be having to forfeit the cost of the whole trip. So here are some tips as to salvage most or some of the costs.

1. Get into contact with the accommodation or booking website

Drop a simple email to your accommodation. Explain your situation and request a refund or change of dates. Most accommodations will be able to help with the refund or change. This could help save the pre-paid amount spent, even if it is non-refundable.

If you have made your booking through a booking website, they can also help you check for refunds or other alternatives with the accommodation you have booked through them. Also, most travel insurance will require you to obtain a proof that the accommodation is non-refundable before reimbursing the amount back.

When we had to cancel our trip last year, we called Expedia and their customer service officer called all the hotels to make the cancellations. Most of the hotels were kind enough to cancel and refund our stay or allow a change in date. When we called Expedia, the  Only one hotel could not do the refund but we were able to claim it from our travel insurance.


2. Get into contact with the airline

Call the airline to check if they allow for a change in travel dates or a refund. Usually, when you have to end the trip early, they might be able to schedule you back on an earlier flight, depending on availability.

If you have to cancel a trip, they should be able to refund your taxes and fuel charges for the tickets.

We booked our flight using miles last year and though the airline couldn’t refund our flight, they were able to refund the taxes and fuel charges. We were then able to claim the rest of the amount from our travel insurance.

3. Get into contact with the car rental and tour companies

Don’t forget to get in contact with the car rental or tour companies to cancel the bookings. Most car rentals and tour companies allow paying later.

Fortunately, when we had to cancel our trip last year, the rental was refundable. We also did not book any tours in advance.

4. Claim from your travel insurance

Knowing what can be refunded and what not, the rest of the expenses can then be claimed through travel insurance.

We were able to claim back all the expenses that were non-refundable.

HAN-dy tip: For flights and accommodations, travel insurance only reimburses the cost for each person. Remember to buy insurance for all the travelers. Also, remember to check the due date for claim submission. 

The above are things we highly recommend to do when one has to cancel a trip. Hopefully, no one has to!

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