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Little Zoo Cafe [Review]

There are plenty of animal cafes popping up all over the world, especially in Bangkok. Little Zoo Cafe is one of the more famous animal cafes in Bangkok and it definitely lives up to its popularity.


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12 Aug 18

Little Zoo Cafe – Siam Square

Little Zoo Cafe has two outlets, one in Nonthaburi, which is about half an hour’s drive away from Pratunam and a newer outlet, just at Siam Square. We went to the one at Siam Square, on a weekday afternoon and were second in line. The entrance fee was THB350 for a drink, a pair of socks and a souvenir or a dessert. We chose to get the souvenir which was either a  handphone holder, a coaster or a pair of utensils.

Before Entering – First Floor

We were entertained by a free-roaming corgi while waiting for our turns to enter the second floor where all the animals were at. Finally, after 30 mins of waiting, we got our drinks and was one step closer to seeing the fur kids! Upon finishing our drinks, we sanitized our hands, then changed into the socks (that were given) and the flip-flops.

Second Floor

Heading up to the second floor, we were shown to our table which we spent only about 10 mins at. The glass behind our table housed the meerkat which was out with guests at the next table. The guests were a little squirmish so we proceeded to the room with not one, not two but FOUR corgis!

In the other cages, there were some other small animals like chinchillas and hedgehog but we didn’t really spend time with them.

There were two glass rooms where most of the other animals were in. When it gets crowded, the staffs will write down names on the glass and signal to the guests when they can get into the rooms.

Corgi room

The corgi room was empty when we were there. Before I fulfill my dream of getting a corgi, I was able to spend some time with four. Lot’s of people go to Little Zoo Cafe for the exotic animals but the playful corgis really stole our hearts.

The staff in the corgi room was well loved by the corgis and that was probably because she was taking really good care of the animals.

HAN-dy tip: Grab some dog food available in the room and the dogs will flock to you

Exotic animals and other small animals room

After an eternity, we went to the next room where the other animals were in. The room was segregated into the puppies area and the Fennec foxes area. In the Fennec foxes area, there were some grumpy cats and a huge ass bunny.

Cats, being cats were just jumping over the fences, whenever they felt like it.

The highlight of Little Zoo Cafe – Fennec foxes! There were two of them but they were spending most of their time sleeping. The staffs offered to let us carry the foxes for a photo and they were quite docile while we took our photos.

Chihuahuas and cats on the other side


We had a great time at the Little Zoo Cafe, despite the fact that the other “popular” exotic animals like the Arctic fox and raccoon were not there. The hygiene of the cafe was well maintained, though the animals will poop and urinate every now and then. The staffs made sure they clear up the mess promptly. We get to carry and interact with most of the animals and all of their furs were clean and soft. The staffs seem to take good care of the animals. We will definitely go back to Little Zoo Cafe the next time we visit Bangkok.

Entrance fee: THB350 (comes with a drink, pair of socks and a souvenir or dessert)

Opening hours: 11 am to 8 pm daily

How to get there: From Siam BTS, take a 6 min walk to Little Zoo Cafe (located near the Hard Rock Hotel)

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