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Complimentary Travel Insurance

Many of us pay for our travel expenses using our credit cards. However, do you know that we can get complimentary travel insurance from most of the credit card companies in Singapore?


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26 Aug 18

Complimentary Travel Insurance

complimentary travel insurance
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Most of the credit card companies in Singapore provide complimentary travel insurance. Also, the criterion is pretty simple – just pay the air tickets in full using their credit cards! Check out the table below for a quick comparison.

Complimentary Travel Insurance

BankCredit Cards EligibleCompany that Underwrites InsuranceCoverage for Travel AccidentCoverage for Travel InconvenienceCoverage for Medical Expenses
Citibanka) DIVIDEND Visa Signature
b) Rewards Visa Signature
c) Clear Platinum Visa
d) Platinum Visa
e) Classic Visa
f) Gold Visa
g) DIVIDEND Platinum MasterCard
h) Platinum MasterCard
i) DIVIDEND World MasterCard
j) Classic MasterCard
k) Rewards World MasterCard
l) Clear Visa
AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. LtdUp to $1,000,000- Baggage Loss
- Baggage Delay
- Flight Delay
- Trip Cancellation
- Trip Interruption
- Medical & Accidental Dental Expenses Incurred In Covered Trip Outside Singapore
- Emergency Medical Evacuation
- Repatriation
MaybankCard Type 1:
a) Classic
b) Family & Friends
c) Manchester United Platinum Visa
d) FC Barcelona Visa
e) Signature

Card Type 2:
a) Gold
b) Platinum Visa
c) Catholic High Alumni Platinum
d) Duo Platinum MasterCard

Card Type 3:
a) Premier Platinum MasterCard
b) Horizon Platinum Visa
c) Business Platinum MasterCard
d) Business Visa Platinum
e) World MasterCard
f) Visa Infinite
g) Horizon Visa Signature
Etiqa General Insurance BerhadCard Type 1:
Up to S$300,000

Card Type 2:
Up to S$500,000

Card Type 3:
Up to S$1,000,000
- Flight Misconnection
- Luggage Delay
- Luggage Loss
- Repatriation of Mortal Remains
OCBCa) 365
b) Visa Infinite:
Voyage, Premier Voyage and Bank of Singapore
Great Eastern General Insurance LtdOCBC 365:
Up to $200,000

OCBC Visa Infinite:
Up to $1,500,000
- Flight Delay and or Flight Misconnection
- Baggage Delay
- Baggage Loss
- Overseas Medical Expense Reimbursement
UOBa) Visa Signature
b) ONE Visa Signature
c) Preferred Platinum American Express
United Overseas Insurance LtdUp to $500,000UOB PRVI:
- Connecting Flight Delay
- Luggage Delay
- Loss of Luggage
- Emergency Medical Assistance, Evacuation & Repatriation
AMEXCard Type 1:
a) Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Ascend
b) Platinum Reserve
c) Platinum
d) Singapore Airlines Solitaire PPS
e) Singapore Airlines PPS Club
f) The Platinum

Card Type 2:
a) True Cashback
b) Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer
c) Gold
d) Rewards
Chubb Insurance Singapore LtdCard Type 1:
Up to $1,000,000

Card Type 2:
Up to $350,000
- Missed Flight Connection
- Luggage Delay
- Loss of Luggage
HSBCa) Premier MasterCard
b) Advance
c) Revolution
AXA Insurance Pte. LtdHSBC Premier MasterCard:
Up to $1,000,000

HSBC Advance credit card and HSBC’s Revolution credit card:
Up to $300,000
- Trip Cancellation
- Flight Delay
- Missed Flight Connection
- Luggage Delay
- Loss of Luggage
- Funeral Expenses or Repatriation of Mortal Remains
DBSCard Type B:
a) American Express Black
b) Takashimaya American Express Platinum

Card Type C:
a) Altitude American Express
b) Altitude VISA Signature
Chubb Insurance Singapore LtdCard Type B:
Up to $350,000

Card Type C:
Up to $1,000,000
Standard Chartereda) Rewards + Credit
b) Visa Credit
c) Priority Banking Visa
Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE Singapore BranchRewards + Credit Card:
Up to $500,000

Visa Infinite Credit Card:
Up to $1,000,000
Visa Infinite Credit Card:
- Delayed Baggage
- Loss of Baggage

Priority Banking Visa Infinite Credit Card:
- Delayed Baggage
- Pay for Accidental loss or damage to property or goods purchased via Priority Banking Visa Infinite Credit Card
Rewards + Credit Card:
- Emergency Medical Assistance, Evacuation and Repatriation

Visa Infinite Credit Card:
- Medical, Surgical, Nursing and Hospital Charges
- Emergency Dental Treatment Expenses
- Emergency Medical Assistance, Evacuation & Repatriation
- Medical & Travel Assistance Services
- Compassionate Visit

Priority Banking Visa Infinite Credit Card:
- Medical/Dental Treatment Expenses
- Emergency Dental Treatment Expenses
- Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
- Repatriation of Mortal Remains
- Compassionate Visit
- Hotel Room Accommodation for Compassionate Visit
- Hotel Room Accommodation for Convalescence
- Trip Curtailment

Disclaimer: The table above is for reference only. Details are correct at the time of writing but are subject to changes by the individual credit card companies. Do check with them prior to making a booking. is not liable for any losses due to the information provided.

Our Pick

Our personal favorite has to be the complimentary travel insurance provided by Citibank. Almost all their credit cards are eligible and furthermore, most of the important things are covered with a very decent payout. Spouse and child(ren) are also eligible for the complimentary coverage if their airfares are charged to the card. Our only qualm would be that the insurance only covers trips that happen within six months from the date of the transaction.

How to apply

Since the insurance provided is covered under a master insurance policy held by the individual company, the coverage is automatic. Once the payment is done by the credit card, the insurance will be activated during the trip.

For Citibank though, the travel insurance has to be activated through here.

Details of the coverage

Click on the links below to find out more about the details of the coverage. Once again (yes yes, I’m getting very long winded), don’t forget to check with the banks for the updated coverage prior to making a booking.

1. Citibank

2. Maybank


4. UOB



7. DBS

8. Standard Chartered

HAN-dy Note: Click on terms and conditions to check for full coverage.

Drop us a comment below to let us know your favorite card to use for the complimentary travel insurance. Also, we would love to know your thoughts on whether the complimentary travel insurance is sufficient for your trip.

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