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Santa’s Salmon Place At Santa Claus Village [Review]

Santa’s Salmon Place is a small restaurant located in Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi. The place and menu are both simple but the salmon is heavenly.


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24 Oct 18

Santa’s Salmon Place At Santa Claus Village

  • The Location

Santa's Salmon Place

When we were in Santa Claus Village last November, we chanced upon Santa’s Salmon Place. It was about 5 minutes walking distance from Santa Claus village.

  • The Place

Santa’s Salmon place serves food in the traditional Lappish teepee. There was an open fireplace in the middle of the teepee where salmons were baked. Hungry guests are often seen staring at the baking of the mouthwatering salmon. We were no different.

Santa's Salmon Place

Santa's Salmon Place

  • The Food and Menu

Santa's Salmon Place

The menu of Santa’s Salmon Place was very simple, with only 3 dishes. Then again, if a place is confident enough to only have one main course, it has to be darn good at it. Santa’s Salmon Place did not disappoint.

Santa's Salmon Place

The salmons were cooked in batches and carefully baked to perfection in the open fire. We were freezing and hungry so we ordered some hot drinks that came with cinnamon biscuits. Besides being used for baking the salmons, the fireplace was also great for our freezing face and fingers.


Santa's Salmon Place

After waiting for half an hour, our salmon was ready! As per Santa’s Salmon Place’s menu, our “Fresh Salmon Cooked on Open Fire and Served with Finnish Saland and Warm Bread” was finally ready.

Santa's Salmon Place

I think it was the best salmon I have eaten so far. *sheds a tear* The meat was tender and juicy, with the salmon skin baked to a perfect crisp. The seasoning was on point too. Even the bread and salad were in harmony with the salmon. Everything was simply delicious.

Santa's Salmon Place

Santa’s Salmon place serves food in natural wooden plates and servers in an effort to be more eco-friendly. We even get to keep the wooden plate as a souvenir after our scrumptious meal.

  • Conclusion

For a salmon lover like myself, Santa’s Salmon Place is a gem. Although the baking process was considered long from the perspective of a hungry diner, the salmon was still tender and oozing with juice. Given that the prices of food in Finland are generally on the high side, for EUR22, the salmon at Santa’s Salmon Place is definitely worth the money. Hence, I would totally return to Santa’s Salmon Place to get a taste of the delicious salmon again.


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