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8 Awesome Things To Do In Finland During Winter

Finland is in Northern Europe where things are known to be much more expensive than the rest of Europe. However, it is also the magical place to be during Winter. Find yourself surrounded by snow and sceneries straight out of a winter postcard. Hometown of Santa, adorable huskies and reindeer, there are plenty of things to do in Finland during winter.


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04 Nov 18

8 Awesome Things To Do In Finland During Winter

In Singapore’s tourism scene, Finland is mainly advertised to be the place to catch the Northern Lights. When we visited Finland last year, we realised that there are so much more things to do in Finland besides catching the Northern Lights.

1. Catch the Northern Lights

Things To Do In Finland

Don’t get me wrong when I say that there are so much more things to do in Finland than catching the Northern Lights. You have to try to catch the Northern Lights when you are in Finland. It is so up North and the vast amount of forested lands (i.e. little or no light pollution) make it a perfect place to try to catch those elusive green lights. Northern Lights are magnificent displays by nature where one has to see to believe how magical they are. We were really lucky to catch the Northern Lights when we were in Ivalo. Witnessing those lights made waiting in the cold for hours all worthwhile. Read here for more details on our Northern Lights hunting tour in Ivalo. 

2. Spend a day with the adorable Huskies

Things To Do In Finland

Huskies are insanely adorable and they love to run in the snow. So spend a day with those fur balls by joining a Husky Safari. Get onto the sleigh pulled by the always energetic huskies (unless going upslope, you become their source of energy) while admiring the snowy landscape. Have your lunch in a traditional Finnish teepee where you get to sip on Finish blueberry juice in a Finnish kuksa. Sure sounds like a fun thing to do in Finland! Click here to read about our Husky Safari tour and how we become the source of energy for the Huskies.

3. Get hot in a sauna and then cold in the icy water

Things To Do In Finland
Loyly Helsinki

Saunas are big in Finland. They can be found everywhere in both cities and traditional cottages. It’s a tradition for families and friends to gather (naked) in a sauna and sweat together. This is followed by a skinny dip in the ice cold water. The idea of dipping into icy water may sound insane for the non-Finnish. However, it is also one of the things to do in Finland in order to experience the life of locals. Plus, it is really addictive. We visited the Loyly Helsinki Sauna when we were in Finland and click here to read about our Finnish sauna experience.

4. Stay in a glass igloo

things to do in finland

A glass igloo is often promoted along with the idea of catching the Northern Lights at the comfort of your igloo. When visiting Finland, staying in a glass igloo was on the top of my things to do in Finland. Imagine lying on the bed of your glass igloo while watching the Northern Lights dance across the sky. Would have been amazing if we got to catch them but sadly, we didn’t. Still, staying in a glass igloo is an (expensive) experience that we really enjoyed while we were in Finland. Click here for our review of Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle.

5. Visit the hometown of Santa Claus

things to do in finland

Instead of waiting for Santa Claus to visit your place, how about paying a visit to Santa Claus in his hometown? Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi is touted as the hometown of Santa. Many flocks there to immerse in the festive atmosphere and for a chance to believe that Santa is real again. Besides visiting Santa, also get to cross the Arctic Circle which runs through the Santa Claus Village. Read here for other things to do in Santa Claus Village.

6. Float on icy water and hope to catch the Northern Lights

Things To Do In Finland
Image via

Finns really can take the harsh winter well. They seem to love taking dips in the icy water. So why not try to be a Finnish for a day and join a tour to float on icy water? Fret not, the suit provided not only keeps you warm, but it also makes you very buoyant. If you are lucky, you might even get to see the Northern Lights dancing above the night sky. We loved the idea and joining such a tour was on the top of our things to do in Finland. Click here for our review on the Northern Lights Ice Floating tour.

7. Ride a snowmobile to get your adrenaline rushing

things to do in finland

When the snow is thick enough, there are many winter activities that can be done in Finland. Riding a snowmobile across the winter forest is something that can check the list of both adrenaline junkies and non-thrill seeking people. The cold wind rushing against you will definitely refresh (or freeze) you. Don’t worry if you don’t have a driving license of any kind as the instructors will be around to teach and guide.

8. Be like Santa and travel on a reindeer sleigh

things to do in finland

Wanna know how it feels like to be Santa? Join a reindeer safari to experience riding on a sleigh pulled by descendants of Rudolf. Admire the white winter landscape as the reindeer brings you across the frozen forest. If you get lucky (yes, again), you might catch the sky lit up by those elusive but magical Northern Lights. At the end of the trip, receive a reindeer driving license to commemorate your newly acquired skill.

With so many awesome things to do in Finland during winter, start planning your next trip to Finland now!


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