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Genting Dream Cruises 2018 [Review]

When my brother and I were young, going on a cruise was almost a yearly event with our parents. I can still vaguely remember eating a lot and hoping to grow up soon so that I can visit the casino too. Boy, growing up was definitely overrated. Many years later, when we saw that Genting Dream Cruises was having a promotion, we decided to go on a short family trip on the cruise.


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19 Nov 18

Genting Dream Cruises 2018 [Review]

Genting Dream Cruises was having lots of promotion. We chose the 2N cruise that departs on a Wednesday and sails to Port Klang and back. For the balcony stateroom, it cost SGD259 each for the first two pax; SGD159.50 each for the third and fourth pax in the same room. The third and fourth pax have to sleep on the sofa bed, which was, in my opinion, a little small for two. We made the booking online through Genting Dream Cruises’ website.

HAN-dy tip: The prices included the port charges, but not the gratuity fee of SGD21/night/pax.

  • Checking In and Boarding the Genting Dream Cruise

Our check-in time was between 18:25 to 19:00 and the latest check-in time was at 19:30. The Genting Dream Cruise was set to depart from the Marina Bay Cruise Center at 21:00. There was an assisted self-check-in area where there were staffs to help with checking in and getting the room key. Overall, the check-in process was a breeze.

genting dream cruise

genting dream cruise

Upon boarding, the staffs collected our passports and told us that our room key will serve as our ID if we disembark in Port Klang.

  • The Genting Dream Cruise

The Genting Dream Cruise was beautifully decorated with many paintings. It was huge and filled with entertainments and restaurants.

  • Charges and Wifi

There was no free Wifi provided onboard (WHY?!) and we had to pay SGD 38 for our two-night cruise. Up to two devices were able to connect at any one time. However, the Wifi was sufficient for only basic internet usage and not really for video streaming. All expenses incurred during the cruise were charged to the room card.

  • The Balcony Stateroom

The balcony stateroom was the third tier kind of room on Genting Dream Cruises. The room was spacious enough and the bathroom was considered big compared to other cruises I’ve been on. The furnishings were quite new and the bed was really comfy. Basic toiletries, room slippers, a safe and small kettle were provided. As for the balcony, we barely spent time there as we were out of the room most of the time. Also, lots of little insects flew in when we opened the door once.

  • The Food

genting dream cruise

For the price paid, we were entitled to free meals in three of the restaurants:

  1. Dream Dining Room Lower for Chinese cuisine at Deck 7
  2. Dream Dining Room Upper for Chinese cuisine at Deck 8
  3. The Lido for international or Indian cuisine at Deck 16

Each day, there were 5 (yes, FIVE) meals served on Genting Dream Cruise:

  1. Breakfast
  2. Morning Tea
  3. Lunch
  4. Afternoon Tea
  5. Dinner

For our first dinner and lunch on board, we dined at the Lido. There was a wide variety of food but personally, I find the halal section which serves an array of seafood the most appetising. They had crabs, prawns, clams and curry fish head. I love prawns!

HAN-dy tip: Since tables are not assigned to individual rooms, it can get really crowded during meal times. For the Lido, there’s no reservation so there can be quite a long queue. However, for the Dream Dining Room, a reservation can be made at the restaurant itself.

For our second night’s dinner and last day’s breakfast, we had Chinese ala carte buffet at the Dream Dining Room. The quality of the food was better than that at the Lido.

As for the morning and afternoon tea, simple fried finger food, along with some pastries, coffee, and tea were served.

  • The Entertainment

Resorts World at Sea Casino

Admittedly, the number one entertainment for grown-ups has to be the casino. Extending from Deck 6 to 8, there were lots of table games and machines available in the Resorts World at Sea casino. Every now and then, there is even a live performance at the central stage of the casino. Also, there is a bar within the casino at Deck 8 to chill to the live performance. After all, all the adrenaline rush due to the gambling can get a bit taxing.

HAN-dy tips: The membership card used at Resorts World at Sea casino is different from those used in other Genting Casinos (on land). One will have to apply for a new membership card at the casino, where there’s always a long queue.

Shore Excursions

Since we docked at Port Klang on the second day, there were options to take various shore excursions to tour Kuala Lumpur to do some sightseeing and shopping. Having visited KL for a few times, we decided to skip the excursion and make full use of the facilities on the cruise. The excursions cost from SGD25 and up. Click here for more information.

Outdoor Playground

During the day when the ship docks, the casino is closed and most of the families with kids spend their time outdoors where there’s plenty of activities under the sun.

There’s also table tennis tables, giant Jenga and two Jacuzzis next to the pool. However, we didn’t spend time in the waters as it was always filled with people and kids.

Indoor Playground

For kids and those young at heart, there is an arcade with old-school games but there aren’t many people playing in it.

As for adults who want to pamper themselves, there’s also a spa, hair salon and of course, mani-pedicure.

Feeling guilty for overindulging, there’s a gym to erase some of the guilt!

There are also shows being played at the Zodiac theatre.

Fancy singing your heart out? There’s also a karaoke onboard. However, it is more for bigger groups of up to 15 pax.  A room for 2 hours of singing cost about SGD88. Since there were only two of us, we had to keep out hearts in.

genting dream cruise

What we did play was Bingo. For SGD30, we get one Bingo ticket and one free can of drink. Bingo is played twice a day and there was a presale of the tickets prior to the start of the game. For each ticket, we got to play about five games. The prize money ranges from a few hundred to SGD38,888 for the jackpot prize. It was good fun even though we did not win anything. *SOBS*

Since we didn’t go for the shore excursion, we spent most of our time chilling at the cafe and bars. Surprisingly, the prices of the drinks were quite affordable.

  • Disembarkment

genting dream cruise

On the third day of the cruise, we had to check out by 11: 30. Therefore, we only had time for breakfast and some photo taking around the cruise. We had to collect our passport from the reception at Deck 6. We also made our payment for the expenses onboard and the gratuity fees online via the QR code provided in the room. Payment could also be made at the reception where there was a long queue.

HAN-dy tip: Share your feedback and get to redeem a free digital photo!

genting dream cruise

After collecting our passports, we were ushered to the Zodiac theatre where we waited for our turn to disembark. We waited for about 45 mins before it was our turn to leave the Genting Dream Cruise. The only entertainment was a Nat Geo documentary and our phones. I guess it’s good to maintain order but some people got a bit restless from waiting.

  • Conclusion

Frankly speaking, although there were many activities on board, we spent most of our time eating our (five) meals and chilling at the bar. Probably as we didn’t want to spend any extra money pampering ourselves in the spa and salon. We wanted to go for the karaoke session but there was no option for 2 pax unless we spent SGD88 for a 2 hour session.

Also, the pool was always crowded with people and we felt too old to play on the water slides. For our dad, he tried to win back the casino but since we only had two nights in the open waters, there wasn’t enough time for him to do so. For adults without kids or more senior adults, there are limited options to do throughout the day, at least not many things to do for free.

However, we did have fun playing outdoors (briefly) and bonding indoors. We would most likely go on Genting Dream Cruise again but ideally, for a longer stay so that we can join the shore excursions. A two-night cruise is a bit short and yet a bit long to spend the whole day onboard.


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