Eska Wellness Spa, Massage & Salon
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Eska Wellness Spa Massage & Salon [Review]

Eska Wellness Spa, Massage & Salon has six outlets in Indonesia, five of them are in Batam and one is in Jarkata. In fact, Eska group ventures into wellness, aesthetic clinic and even has its own hotel. When we visited Batam last year, we went to the branch in Mega Mall.

Eska Wellness Spa Massage & Salon [Review]

The last time we went to Batam, we visited Majesty Spa & Massage. This time, we only wanted to do foot reflexology before we headed back home. Since Eska Wellness Spa, Massage & Salon has foot massage and is located in Mega Mall which is next to Batam Center Ferry terminal, we decided to give it a try.

Getting to Eska Wellness Spa, Massage & Salon

We went to the branch at Mega Mall, where Eska Wellness Spa, Massage & Salon was located on the second floor, next to the XXI cinema. When making the booking, we asked if complimentary transport was provided. However, we were told that transport was only provided with a minimum spend of IDR 1,000,000. We weren’t gonna meet the minimum spending so we just use Grab to book our ride there.

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The Place

The reception area was small, with the salon area right next to it.

The door beside the reception led to the massage and spa area. The area was divided into three parts:

  • A big room for massages
  • Another room for foot massages, manicure, and pedicure
  • Individual rooms for massage and spa services with sea views

There was also a locker area where we could place out belongings.

Eska Wellness Spa, Massage & Salon

The Price

Prices at Eska were significantly cheaper than that of Majesty Spa & Massage. We took a 1 hour foot massage at IDR120,000 and another hour of back massage at IDR140, 000 per pax. There was even a 20 % discount given.

The Massage

Back Massage

After changing into the clothes provided, we started our back massage in the big massage room. Even though it was named back massage, it was almost like a full body massage.

My masseur was really good. Her strength was on point and the pressure was just right. It was the kind of massage that didn’t make me feel like the masseur is trying to kill me. Neither did it feel like she is trying to skive. In fact, it was so comfortable that I might have dozed off. Something which I rarely do during massage sessions.

Foot Massage

After the back massage, we changed back to our clothes and went to the big room for foot massages. The place was crowded and our seats had to be separated. The room has a city view and was brightly lit. When we were there, there were some kids and they weren’t exactly quiet. Not a big problem.

Just like my back massage, the foot massage was equally good. There was also free WiFi so one hour flew past quickly.

The cleaniness

Generally, the place was clean enough. However, a minor grouse would be that there wasn’t a towel or cover around the hole on the massage bed that we placed our faces on.

Also, our feet weren’t washed prior to the back massage. Since she massaged our feet and then everywhere else, it was a little eww . In fact, the masseur only gave us a quick wash and scrub of our feet before we started our foot massage. Would have been great if she washed them before the back massage.


My experience at Eska Wellness Spa, Massage & Salon was an enjoyable one. The massage was one of the best that I’ve had. Although they didn’t provide food and refreshments like Majesty Spa & Massage, their services were priced much lower. Despite some cleanliness issues for me, I’ll probably return again when I visit Batam.

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