<h1><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Trains</span></h1> When planning to visit a few places on a trip, traveling by train can be both time and cost effective. If you take the overnight train, you can also save on the cost of accommodation for one night. Short of time, take a bullet to get to your next destination, FAST!  Trains also bring one across the most picturesque places. In fact, some train rides are a must do on their own.

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    Santa Claus Express Night Train [Review]

    A trip to Finland is incomplete without visiting Rovaniemi, home to Santa Claus. Besides taking a domestic flight, the Santa Claus Express Night Train is also a hassle-free way to get from Helsinki to Rovaniemi.   Travel HANter 02 Sep 18 Santa Claus Express Night Train The Santa Claus Express Night Train runs daily from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. Spend your day in Helsinki and your night on the Santa Claus Express Night Train, then arrive in Rovaniemi the next morning. Simple. Helsinki Train Station We arrived in Helsinki early morning and spent the day shopping around the city center, which can be easily accessed by the train that connects the airport to…