<h1><span style="text-decoration: underline;">How-to</span></h1> How to get the cheapest flight? How to get the cheapest hotel? How to do things that sparkle the most joy? Here, we suggest tips that might help make the planning and actual trip easier.

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    Self-Drive in Jeju Island

    In April, we did a self-drive in Jeju Island in South Korea. We spent 3D2N on Jeju Island and rented a Kia Ray for our road trip. It was the cherry blossom season *PRETTY* and the car really helped us explore the beautiful island.   Travel HANter 23 Sep 18 Self-drive in Jeju Island Self-drive in Jeju Island is quite easy if you prepare beforehand. Here are a few things that might help make your road trip easier if you are looking to self-drive in Jeju Island. Right-hand drive First of all, unlike Singapore, South Koreans drive on the right side of the road. This means that: The steering wheel is on…

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    Santa Claus Express Night Train [Review]

    A trip to Finland is incomplete without visiting Rovaniemi, home to Santa Claus. Besides taking a domestic flight, the Santa Claus Express Night Train is also a hassle-free way to get from Helsinki to Rovaniemi.   Travel HANter 02 Sep 18 Santa Claus Express Night Train The Santa Claus Express Night Train runs daily from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. Spend your day in Helsinki and your night on the Santa Claus Express Night Train, then arrive in Rovaniemi the next morning. Simple. Helsinki Train Station We arrived in Helsinki early morning and spent the day shopping around the city center, which can be easily accessed by the train that connects the airport to…

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    Complimentary Travel Insurance

    Many of us pay for our travel expenses using our credit cards. However, do you know that we can get complimentary travel insurance from most of the credit card companies in Singapore?   Travel HANter 26 Aug 18 Complimentary Travel Insurance Most of the credit card companies in Singapore provide complimentary travel insurance. Also, the criterion is pretty simple – just pay the air tickets in full using their credit cards! Check out the table below for a quick comparison. Disclaimer: The table above is for reference only. Details are correct at the time of writing but are subject to changes by the individual credit card companies. Do check with them prior…

  • Singapore to JB
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    Singapore to JB- 3 Easy Ways

    Johor Bahru (JB) is Singapore’s closest neighbor. Despite the separation of the two nations all the way back in 1965, the flow of people between the two countries never ceased. Every week, tons of people travel from Singapore to JB, either for work or for leisure.   Travel HANter  05 Aug 18 Travel from Singapore to JB Especially evident during the weekends, Singaporeans love to travel from Singapore to JB to take advantage of the exchange rate (SGD1 = MYR2.97, accurate at the time of writing). Here are three popular ways you can get from Singapore to JB for your long-awaited day trip or weekend getaway. 1. By Car The easiest way to…

  • Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pratunam by Train
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    How to get from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pratunam by Train

    Many tourists chose to stay near the Pratunam area in Bangkok for the vibrant shopping scene. Besides taking a taxi which will set you back about THB300-400, one can also go from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pratunam by train (airport rail link).   Travel HANter 22 Jul 18 Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pratunam by Train Getting to the entrance to the Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link Station To get from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pratunam by train, upon exiting, get to the first floor (follow the signage), where the entrance to the Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link Station is. Getting the tickets The tickets can be bought from the ticket vending machines or…

  • Cancel A Trip
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    What To Do When You Have To Cancel A Trip

    An upcoming trip has always been the best motivation for the mundane work life. However, should you have to cancel a trip due to some unforeseen circumstances, besides feeling disappointed, what are the other things that you should also be doing?   Travel HANter 30 Jun 18 Have to cancel a trip? Last year-end, we had to cancel a trip to Bangkok and Khao Yai. It’s really sad to cancel a trip but what would have been worse would be having to forfeit the cost of the whole trip. So here are some tips as to salvage most or some of the costs. 1. Get into contact with the accommodation…

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    How to pack and dress for winter trips?

    Singapore is hot, summer all year round kind of hot. To experience a snowy winter, we have to travel and I think it’s safe to say that most of us get really excited when we see snow for the first time. No doubt, winter is beautiful. We don’t sweat, we get to dress up in clothes that we never get to wear back home in Singapore. However, winter is harsh, winter is dry. Exactly how should we pack and dress for winter so that we can sustain our excitement, without falling sick?   Travel HANter 17 Dec 2017 How to pack and dress for winter? As a general rule of thumb,…

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    Travel with others – Make it or Break it?

    People travel solo, people travel with friends and family. Going on a trip seems to almost always trigger some unhappiness among close ones if traveling together for the first time. Here are some tips on how to travel with others, without any hard feelings.   Travel HANter 29 Oct 17 How to travel with others? Deciding on the location Not everyone likes to do the same thing – some people are adrenaline junkies, some are shopaholics, some just wanna chill and relax while others just wanna marvel at the sceneries. BREAK IT! Decide where you wanna go without discussing with the others. Sounds like the obvious no no thing to do…

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    Rants about flight delay in Dubai and how to deal with it.

    Dubai, discover all that’s possible. Indeed, we’ve discovered everything that’s possible (to go wrong) during our transit in Dubai. Our flight delay in Dubai was due to the bad weather condition, and we spent an unexpected (and unpleasant) 14.5 hours in the airport. The bad weather condition was understandable, bad service – not so much. Travel HANter 25 Sep 2017   Flight delay in Dubai – The Beginning Our trip began with high hopes of seeing the Northern Lights. Booked a flight to London, transiting in Dubai with Emirates. In-flight services and leg room were pretty good and we landed at Dubai International Airport at 01:00 am and saw that…

  • travel with elders
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    How to travel with elders?

    When we were young, our parents brought us overseas, no matter how we were shouting at the top of our lungs, disturbing everybody else on the transport; carrying all our prams, bottles and bulky belongings; going kids-friendly places instead of bungee jumping or skydiving; taking photos of us first – basically putting us before themselves ever since we were born. Now that we are all grown up and earning a living, how do we travel with elders without turning the trip into a complete fiasco? Travel HANter 20 Sep 2017 How to travel with elders? 1. Travel with elders by joining a group tour The best way to travel with…