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<h1><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Travel Plans</span></h1> Have an upcoming trip and wondering what to do for the trip? Explore our travel plans to decide on what new memories to make in that foreign country.

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    Kaohsiung For First Timers – 6 Must Do Things

    There are many things to do in Kaohsiung for first timers. Kaohsiung is like the less famous sibling of Taipei. Until recently, due to the political scene, the superstar mayor Han Guo Yu is bringing a lot of attention (and tourism) to Kaohsiung. Travel HANter 10 Mar 19 Kaohsiung For First Timers – 6 Must Do Things Situated near the Southern part of Taiwan, Kaohsiung can be easily reached by a 1.5-hour THSR ride. With the Kaohsiung mayor all over the news, tourists are flocking to Kaohsiung, both locals and international. So exactly what are the must do things in Kaohsiung for first timers? 1. Visit Pier-2 Art Center First…

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    8 Awesome Things To Do In Finland During Winter

    Finland is in Northern Europe where things are known to be much more expensive than the rest of Europe. However, it is also the magical place to be during Winter. Find yourself surrounded by snow and sceneries straight out of a winter postcard. Hometown of Santa, adorable huskies and reindeer, there are plenty of things to do in Finland during winter.   Travel HAnter  04 Nov 18 8 Awesome Things To Do In Finland During Winter In Singapore’s tourism scene, Finland is mainly advertised to be the place to catch the Northern Lights. When we visited Finland last year, we realised that there are so much more things to do in…

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    Pre-trip planning for Bangkok and Khao Yai 2017

    Bangkok is the place I have to visit every year. We go a long way – yellow shirt riot, redshirt riot, military coop, Bangkok is BAE, we have been through thin and thick. So this year, besides going to my usual Bangkok, I am gonna be planning for Bangkok and Khao Yai trip, which seems to have been the ‘in’ place to visit for quite a while. Travel HANter 20 Aug 17 Air tickets With the fierce competition in the airline industry, now seems to be a time when you can book tickets to some places at a cheaper or comparable price on full-fledged airlines than budget airline (after adding the baggage…

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    Ways to save on trips

    Almost everyone loves to travel but unless you are the super rich and famous, most of the ordinary folks like us are on a budget every time we want to get that new stamp on our passport. Even though lots of travel quotes tell us that travelling experiences are things money can’t buy, travelling definitely requires money.  So read on to find ways to save on trips! Travel HANter 23 Aug 2017 Ways to save on trips Credit card Choose the right credit card for payment With everything going cashless, one of the ways to save on trips is to always choose the right credit card that gives you the…

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    Pre-trip planning for Norway and Finland

    Went to Iceland Jan 2017, hoping to catch the Northern Lights but nope, not today or any other days of your trip, said Mother Nature. Being persistent (and depressed after seeing seemingly everyone else see the Northern Lights), a planning for Norway and Finland began. By Travel HANter Throwback to 31 Mar 17 Air tickets Norway and Finland were the top two choices for Northern Light Hunt 2.0 and cheap tickets were tempting me throughout the year, starting with a flight to Stockholm by SQ at S$870 to flight to Oslo by Finnair at $799 but eventually, I booked the flight to Helsinki via Finnair at S$600. HAN-dy tip: Finnair…