<h1><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Taiwan</span></h1> Taiwan is probably the country most people visit for their first family trip or graduation trip. Well, at least for most Singaporeans. Mouthwatering street food, friendly locals and shops at every corner of the way. Taiwan has something for everyone, making it a great destination for families to travel to.

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    Kaohsiung For First Timers – 6 Must Do Things

    There are many things to do in Kaohsiung for first timers. Kaohsiung is like the less famous sibling of Taipei. Until recently, due to the political scene, the superstar mayor Han Guo Yu is bringing a lot of attention (and tourism) to Kaohsiung. Travel HANter 10 Mar 19 Kaohsiung For First Timers – 6 Must Do Things Situated near the Southern part of Taiwan, Kaohsiung can be easily reached by a 1.5-hour THSR ride. With the Kaohsiung mayor all over the news, tourists are flocking to Kaohsiung, both locals and international. So exactly what are the must do things in Kaohsiung for first timers? 1. Visit Pier-2 Art Center First…

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    Taiwan Itinerary Day 8 and 9: Taipei Fish Market

    Coming towards the end of our 8 days Taiwan Itinerary, we were all ready to go back home. Until an unexpected flight delay extended our stay for another day. In return, we got to get our dinner at Taipei Fish Market, a marketplace selling the freshest seafood and sashimi. Travel HANter 16 Sep 17 Taiwan Itinerary Day 8 and 9: Taipei Fish Market Today, we were all expecting to fly back to face the harsh realities of our working lives. Our flight was scheduled at 20:20 pm and we woke up early to visit Taipei 101 for some shopping therapy. Taiwan Itinerary: Day 8 Ended up buying some facial products which…

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    Taiwan Itinerary Day 7: Oia Alpaca Cafe, Taipei

    The Oia Alpaca Cafe houses several alpacas, or affectionately known as Cao Ni Ma (草泥马)in Taiwan, are such cute animals that spit at you when they are pissed. “Differences between Alpacas and Llamas: Their ears: Alpaca ears have short spear-shaped ears while llamas have much longer, banana-shaped ears. Their size: Alpacas generally weigh in at around 150 pounds while llamas can get as heavy as 400 pounds. At the shoulder, an average alpaca stands between 34 and 36 inches, while a llama generally ranges between 42 and 46 inches. Their faces: Llamas have a longer face; an alpaca’s face is a bit more blunt, giving them a “smooshed in” look.…

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    Taiwan Itinerary Day 6: Tamsui, Taipei

    Breakfast was a mad rush today as we took too much awake time soaking in our hot spring bath. After which, we checked out and left our luggage at the hotel. For day 6 of our Taiwan itinerary. we embarked on our cherry blossom hunt 2.0 in Tamsui. Travel HANter 16 Sep 17 Taiwan Itinerary Day 6: Tamsui, Taipei We walked around the area, hoping to visit the thermal valley. I have tried visiting this place twice and both times, on the day I visit, the valley is closed. Why would today be different? THE VALLEY IS CLOSED AGAIN. What are the odds? So we just walked around, bought an onsen…

  • Beitou Hot Spring Resort
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    Taiwan Itinerary Day 5: Beitou Hot Spring Resort

    Day 5 of our itinerary is where we are going to stay a night in Beitou Hot Spring Resort. We went back to Beitou in Taipei and took the Taroko express back. The journey took about 2 hrs and cost NT$440. Our train was in the afternoon so we spent the morning and afternoon walking around, buying mochis and other Taiwanese snacks. Travel HANter 16 Sep 17 Taiwan Itinerary Day 5: Beitou Hot Spring Resort Tasty Taiwanese Snacks in Hualien “The unique sweet potatoes grown in Hualien County’s Xincheng Township have become so popular that the roast sweet potato stands along Highway 9 are having trouble getting enough tubers to keep…

  • Hualien Taroko Gorge
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    Taiwan Itinerary Day 4: Hualien Taroko Gorge

    Tours are fun, tours show you everything you need to know and tours start really early. So for day 4 of our Taiwan itinerary, we woke up early again for our day tour to Hualien Taroko Gorge. Travel HANter 13 Sep 17 Taiwan Itinerary Day 4: Hualien Taroko Gorge This morning, we had our breakfast at the cafe in our hotel. The spread was adequate and the food was quite tasty. They even served the apparently famous Donghe bao zi – their meat and lotus bun, which was pretty delicious. After which, our tour guide picked us up from our hotel. The Journey to Hualien Taroko Gorge A 40 mins ride…

  • Diving in Green Island
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    Taiwan Itinerary Day 3: Diving in Green Island

    Today, we are diving in Green Island! Well-known for its pristine waters, diving in Green Island is a thing that tourists must do when visiting the little island. Travel HANter 12 Sep 17 Taiwan Itinerary Day 3: Diving in Green Island Pre-Diving in Green Island We woke up early morning and went to redeem our breakfast. We were given NT100 each to redeem at a nearby breakfast shop and we got some crepes and fried fritters (油条), together with two cups of drinks. After which we changed into our wetsuit and Jiao Lian had asked his fellow diving friend along so that we each had one pro-diver with us, which…

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    Taiwan Itinerary Day 2: Green Island

    Taitung was kind of a stopover as the main purpose of our trip was to visit Green Island, a little island east of Taitung, also known as Lyvdao. Well known for its clear waters and natural greeneries, Green Island in Taiwan is a popular attraction for both tourists and locals alike.   The Travel HANter 08 Sep 17 Taiwan Itinerary Day 2: Green Island “Green Island is a small volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean about 33 km (21 mi) off the eastern coast of Taiwan. It is 15.092 km² (5.83 sq mi) at high tide and 17.329 km² (6.69 sq mi) at low tide, making it the Republic of China’s…

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    Taiwan Itinerary Day 1: Taitung City

    This year, in February, Jetstar was having a sale and tickets to Taipei was only $89 before adding the cost of baggage allowance. Since nobody ever gets tired of Taiwan, we knew we had to book those tickets! This time, we decided that we will be exploring Taitung, the eastern part of Taiwan.   The Travel HANter 07 Sep 17 Taiwan Itinerary Day 1: Taitung City How to travel to Taitung City For day 1 of our Taiwan itinerary, we will be travelling to Taitung. We reached Tao Yuan International airport at about 06:00 and took bus 1819 which took about 55 mins to reach Taipei Main station. The tickets…