<h1><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Europe</span></h1> Europe, the continent with so much culture, exquisite architectures and gorgeous sceneries. It is also the go-to haven for many to get their branded stash.

  • countdown to the new year
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    Countdown to the New Year – Top 5 places

    Time flies! We are in the last quarter of the year and how many ticks do you have on last year’s resolution list?  As the year comes to a close, are you thinking about your new year resolutions? Or should we be more practical and start looking for places to countdown to the new year?   Travel HANter 25 Dec 17 Countdown to the New Year I love to countdown to the new year in another country. I get to experience the cultures of different places and admire the firework shows on display. Most importantly, everyone is happy on New Year’s Eve! Here are the top 5 places to countdown…

  • London itinerary
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    6 Days London Itinerary

    London, the land where Queen Elizabeth II, who reigned for 64 years lives. It is also the place where about 30 million tourists visit each year. There are loads of things to do in London, catered to people of all ages. Check out our 6 days London itinerary.   Travel HANter 10 Dec 17 6 days London itinerary London itinerary: Day 1 London is a great place to satisfy all shopping needs. So, shopping is a must in our London itinerary! Spend a day in Leicester Square Get amazed by the M&M’s and Lego store, where you can get your hands on all the M&M’s and Lego in the world. Be a…

  • accommodation in london
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    Accommodation in London [Review]

    When we were in London, we booked our accommodation in London through Airbnb and it was such a beautiful place.   Travel HANter Throwback to 6 Jan 2017 Accommodation in London We booked a two rooms apartment near Leicester Square Station and by near I mean 5-mins-slow-walk kind of near. The place was also located near Chinatown but of course, we were not looking for Asian cuisine in London! We spent most of our time exploring outside of London and hanging around Leicester Square. Okay, back to our apartment. It was a little difficult to find the entrance at first and the exterior was less than impressive but once you…

  • london during winter
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    5 Reasons why you should visit London during winter

    London is a metropolis that receives about 40 million visitors from all over the world yearly. The number of tourists usually peaks during summer and dwindles during winter. So why should you be different from the majority and visit London during winter?   Travel HANter 25 Nov 17 5 Reasons to visit London during winter 1. Less crowded in London during winter London has a population of about 8.8 million and imagine the number of people in the 1572 km² city after factoring in the tourists during the peak season. Visiting London during winter would mean that there are lesser people in tourist attractions like the museums, Stonehenge and even the…

  • Accommodations in Iceland
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    Accommodations in Iceland [Reviews]

    We spent 7 nights in Iceland, staying in 6 different places for our Iceland trip, ranging from Airbnb apartments to hotels. Continue reading about our accommodations in Iceland!   Travel HANter Throwback to 30 Dec 2016 Accommodations in Iceland Nights 1 and 2  Had two nights booking in an Airbnb apartment with two bedrooms, located in Reykjavik. Due to our flight delay in Dubai, we only managed to stay on the second night, which was New Year’s Eve and the whole neighborhood lit the night sky up with their firework displays. Crazy spectacular. The apartment was cozy and clean. The kind host was just staying nearby and waited for us until…

  • video of 5 days in london
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    Rain rain go away – Things we did in London [Video]

      London is the city that never stops raining, at least for the 5 days we were there. Travel HANter 18 Oct 2017 Still, there were lots of things to do in the city, so here’s a video to summarize the things we did in London. Also, check out 5 Reasons why you should visit London during winter [Review] Accommodation in London

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    9 Days Iceland Itinerary

    Iceland is such a gorgeous country, it makes me wonder why it took Singapore so long to catch the Let’s-go-Iceland fever. By fever, I meant every-tourist-spot-you-can-see-a-Singaporean degree kind of fever, ’cause we really saw Singaporeans every time we stop at an attraction and there were so few people in Iceland. Read on for our 9 days Iceland itinerary.   Travel HANter Throwback to 29 Dec 2016 to 06 Jan 2017 9 days Iceland Itinerary There was only one thing to do in Iceland and that was to enjoy the beauty of its natural landscape. Day 1 to 3 The first two days of our 9 days Iceland itinerary were basically wasted…