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    Little Zoo Cafe [Review]

    There are plenty of animal cafes popping up all over the world, especially in Bangkok. Little Zoo Cafe is one of the more famous animal cafes in Bangkok and it definitely lives up to its popularity.   Travel HANter 12 Aug 18 Little Zoo Cafe – Siam Square Little Zoo Cafe has two outlets, one in Nonthaburi, which is about half an hour’s drive away from Pratunam and a newer outlet, just at Siam Square. We went to the one at Siam Square, on a weekday afternoon and were second in line. The entrance fee was THB350 for a drink, a pair of socks and a souvenir or a dessert. We…

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    Pre-trip planning for Bangkok and Khao Yai 2017

    Bangkok is the place I have to visit every year. We go a long way – yellow shirt riot, redshirt riot, military coop, Bangkok is BAE, we have been through thin and thick. So this year, besides going to my usual Bangkok, I am gonna be planning for Bangkok and Khao Yai trip, which seems to have been the ‘in’ place to visit for quite a while. Travel HANter 20 Aug 17 Air tickets With the fierce competition in the airline industry, now seems to be a time when you can book tickets to some places at a cheaper or comparable price on full-fledged airlines than budget airline (after adding the baggage…